Planetary Cycles Part Two: Uranus the Disrupter, Chiron the “Inconvenient Benefic”.

This month, we reflect on the key transits and 84 year cycle of Uranus, the great Disrupter of the zodiac. We also take time to consider the Chiron cycle of 50 years, and its impact, sharing some moving stories. Chiron is best known in his mythical garb as the Wounded Healer; we also consider him in his perhaps lesser well-known role as the Inconvenient Benefic.

In this conversation, we share some very funny personal anecdotes regarding Uranus transits’ capacity to turn life upside-down with (eventually) positive outcomes. We also share some deeply moving personal stories both from our client work ( anonymously of course) and from our own lives where one can see both the wounding and healing dimensions of the Chiron archetype at work.

So – take a break, settle down, and enjoy our dialogue as you reflect on how those two great planetary forces have impacted on YOUR life…

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2 thoughts on “Planetary Cycles Part Two: Uranus the Disrupter, Chiron the “Inconvenient Benefic”.

  1. Via Facebook:
    B’Lyn Erickson:
    Just finished watching/listening to your & Ana’s thoughts on Uranus and Chiron. One transit I was keenly aware of soooooo super powerful was Uranus transit my 19 Pisces Sun in 8th House. Uranus downloaded so much info on Astrology starting with Chiron to the point I didn’t know if there was any room left in my “mind”. A forever change and elevation in consciousness. Finally admitted to my emphathic gift. I am grateful for what I “became” and remains with me still. THANK YOU deeply for this video. ☮🎶🙏Play on White Lady.

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