The Fixed Cross: pointer to the new Air/Aquarian age?

But first, a definition of identity politics by Nicholas Campion in his book Astrology, History and Apocalypse: such politics involve ‘groups of people having a particular racial, religious, ethnic, social or cultural identity [who] tend to promote their own specific interests or concerns without regard to the interests or concerns of any larger political group.’

Does this suggest the shadow side of the Leo theme to anyone? It certainly does to me.

Given that polarity, i.e. the interplay of opposites, is a fundamental generator of the life force (think egg, sperm and first division of fertilised egg here), this by astro-logic brings us to Aquarius, Leo’s opposite. Aquarius is fundamentally concerned with the group. As the Aquarian and English philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748- 1832) so famously stated of the utilitarian principle in A Fragment on Government:

‘It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong’.

To be clear: I do not subscribe to the touchy-feely idea that the Aquarian Age, if it exists at all, is bringing or will bring an era of universal brotherly love (or siblinghood of person if you prefer). The evidence from our contemporary world would suggest otherwise. Moreover, Nicholas Campion has collected around 100 dates for the supposed commencement of the Age of Aquarius from around 1260 AD to around 2300 AD.

However, I am intrigued by Carl Jung’s notion, set forth in his essay ‘The Sign of the Fish’ (from Aion, Volume 9, Part 2 of Jung’s Collected Works [1951]) that when world ages change, i.e., when the first point of Aries can be seen against the backdrop of e.g., the constellation of Aquarius, having shifted backwards from its 2000 or so years’ traverse of the previous constellation of Pisces – roughly the era of Christianity – we begin to perceive/project the Divine differently.

We have been going through an enormous technological revolution in recent decades as science makes huge strides. Mapping the human genome, expanding our view of the vast universe we inhabit via wonderful Hubble then James Webb telescope images, and linking much of the human population via the Internet and mobile phone technology are but a few examples. You could even argue that a new religion is arising: Scientism, which holds that only the 5% of the cosmos which we can perceive through our senses or test out through the procedures of reductionism, is worth considering.

It is my view that, as societies become increasingly secular and materialistic throughout the world, we are beginning to project the Divine onto science and technology … even to the extent in some quarters that the prolonging of human life indefinitely into some kind of techno-immortality is perceived as eventually being possible. Pushing the boundaries of science forward just because it can be done conjures the spectres of Dr Frankenstein and his monster, immortalised in Mary Shelley’s modern myth, Frankenstein, or the New Prometheus. It also speaks strongly of the shadow side of the Aquarian theme which doesn’t mind how many individual lives it disrupts or destroys in the name of revolutionary change.

Hence its Leo shadow opposite arising, in the shape of identity politics as defined at the start of this column.

The IC-MC axis speaks of roots (IC) from which our future direction (MC) arises. The Taurus IC is the ground on which we stand, our Mother Earth. Scorpio on the MC opposite speaks of the deep crisis which our home planet is facing. If humanity is to survive into the future, we need to develop radically different ways of living. The old materialist order is currently dying – the evidence is everywhere. The question is, what will replace it?

I have found contemplating this metaphor of the astrological fixed cross, which condenses the polarised conflicts of our current era into four fundamental themes, powerfully illuminating.

We need to find a way forward: from our present stubbornly fixed shadow positions, to a situation where respect both for the dignity of individual rights and for the greatest good of the greatest number is harnessed and directed towards respect and care for our Mother planet. Perhaps the consequences of the harsh pressure on all our institutions and structures via the long 2008-2024 transit of Pluto through Capricorn will force us in the direction we need to go when Pluto settles into the revolutionary sign of Aquarius from November 2024.

I certainly hope so…


This is an edited version of an essay which first appeared in my The Astro-View from Scotland column in Dell Horoscope Magazine (2019), and most recently on pp 325-8 of “Postcards to the Future”, my collection of 60 essays, articles , columns and research from 1995-2021.

10 thoughts on “The Fixed Cross: pointer to the new Air/Aquarian age?

  1. Thank you Anne,

    From someone with a fixed sq. across cadent houses and Saturn con. Asc. sitting in the 12th now.

    l don’t believe in a soft New Age time coming either. People have been systematically disengaged from feelings and emotions via tec. I value science, but l discriminate. Not everything called science is science. Issues about falsification of research is only part of it. ‘Peer’ review is not as it should be and this is only coming to light now (they are a closed group for the most part). Yet another problem emerging from what is ‘truth’ and what is not arguement…when l say that please dont think l mean…alternative ‘facts’.

    Can l also thank you for using the word ‘divine’ rather than God which drags so much behind. it…
    I am reminded of the ‘rough beast’ slouching towards Bethelem to be born’ from Yeat’s brilliant prophectic poem ‘The Second Coming’.

    Fullmoon coming up in Picses will conjunct my Asc. spinning the wheel for me. Hopely, l will keep my centre- still- and not go around in meaningless circles. (Fingers crossed).

    I can say balance is essential when managing a Grand Cross. Every part of it must be given expression and nothing in excess.

    I am very pleased to touch base with you today.

    1. Thank you, Dianne, for this perceptive and thoughtful comment…Yeats is one of my favourite poets. ‘The Second Coming’ is indeed prophetic – still.

      And yes, as you say – balance in managing Grand Cross energy is essential…

  2. An illuminating piece Anne! It will be interesting when “Jupiter meets Uranus” this year too and nudges that fixed energy up another notch 🤩

    1. Thanks, Carole! Having written extensively about ‘Jupiter Meets Uranus’, I’m watching this upcoming Fixed conjunction take shape with great interest…it will certainly nudge ‘that fixed energy up another notch’ as you put it.

  3. Via Facebook:
    Marcia Wade:

    your discussion of the four angles is full of some very rich food for thought. That Scorpio MC as the “vocation” of the Aquarian era could be what saves us, in the end (unless we fall into some Robespierre-like fanaticism, which is sadly not that hard to imagine). In the end, we’ll probably end up transforming at least some of the shadow energy of all three angles. For the Taurus shadow of greed is what has led us to plunder and pollute our beautiful Earth. And its fixity makes the fixed cross a tough one! We certainly have our work cut out for us!

  4. I think nature will guide us and if we don’t listen then we are out of the game. The belief that it’s all going to be alright is far from the truth…it’s far too late and it doesn’t look good. Gung Ho politics have existed for too long the future is in a state of Que Sera what will be? The Future is not ours to see through rosy coloured spectacles with our heads in the sand. Love ❤️

  5. How might we use astrological symbolism and metaphors to better understand the polarizing conflicts in society today, and what insights does this provide into moving forward in a more balanced and holistic manner?

    1. Hello, R C N, it would probably take me longer than I have time left on the planet to answer that adequately here!

      Suggest you acquire a copy of “Mundane Astrology” by Baigent, Campion and Harvey, Nick Campion’s ‘History of Western Astrology ‘ (2 volumes) + Campion’s ‘Astrology, History and Apocalypse’. I have found these books very useful in helping me to set an appropriate context for thinking about questions such as yours here…and answering one’s own questions, if possible, is a great challenge for broadening one’s knowledge base.

      Bon voyage!

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