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This horoscope might just provide a clue to the title of the site! It’s mine, and I have rather an overload of planets in the Twelfth House. “I’m surprised you’re not a recluse!” said my first astrology teacher, Carole Wilson, when I turned up in her beginners’ astrology class in Glasgow, Scotland, UK in the early 1980s. As the saying goes, “Now you see me, now you don’t…” Life, or Whoever, undoubtedly handed me a bundle of contradictions with which to grapple when I arrived on planet Earth; I’m still grappling, but with a bit more understanding as I’ve grown older.

 The one thing about which I have never been ambivalent, however, is writing. I have always written – will probably  write my own obituary. ( check the horoscope for signs of control-freakery…)

So – Writing from the Twelfth House seems a pretty apt title.

I am an astrologer. You can find out more about my personal and professional history HERE. However, that mystical Twelfth House has provided the context for everything I have been and done since opening my eyes to the world. My site is therefore here to support, encourage, inspire and entertain open-minded people who, like me, are exhilarated and amazed by the beauty and complexity of the worlds we human beings inhabit – and for those writers and readers who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, mystery, pattern and purpose. I offer that support through the lens of astrology. 

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Note: I updated this site in September 2019, and it is now my main astrology site.

However, there is a considerable archive from its previous incarnation, going back to 2008, which you will find at the bottom left sidebar of the Home Page.You may well find some articles there to your liking! Do have a browse…


As you will have seen from the header image, the Northern Lights, mysterious dancers in the starry dark, fascinate me. I saw them often as a child in the islands of the far North-West and hope to see them again some day before I die….

Forget the Measurers and the Reductionists. Whatever they may do their best to tell us, there are – and always will be – sublimely mysterious dimensions to life for which materialist science with all its brilliance can provide only one dimension of the answer…..

Here is my meditation on the Twelfth House, contemplating-the-12th-house – an optimist’s take on self-undoing. Published by the Mountain Astrologer Magazine a few years ago, it appeared also in the UK’s Astrological Journal, Astrodienst and Infinity Astrological Magazine.

Despite updating, I’ve left some comments on this page from a few 12th House people, since I found them so moving at the time, and still do.


Further Note: I have been careful to credit images appearing on this site whenever possible. However, if you are not happy with your pic being used despite the positive exposure generated, do please contact me and I will remove it right away.

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  1. hi Anne, i have sun moon venus mars mercury in hs 12, cancer birth, cancer asc, male (46), i`m also dechiphering the legacy of my great (maternal) grandmothers “gift”, my searchings have brought me to what you have written, it seems we find what we need to find when we need to find it?

    1. Hello Nick
      Many thanks for contacting me and for your kind words. I take it you have been reading my http://www.astro.com 12th House article? I do hope you have found its 21st century perspective more encouraging and useful than the doom-laden medievalism of quite a bit of what is out there regarding the 12th HOuse!
      And yes, I do believe that there are occasions where we are led to just what we need at a given time. I think you might enjoy reading ‘Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness’ – available from my blogs – which is dedicated to my maternal great-grandmother. So interesting that we both have a maternal ancestor with otherworldly connections…

  2. Hi Anne, thanks for the reply :0) i particularly empathised with the expression you used, “dubious gift”, very pertinent i found this to be, your article touched me regarding the 12th house issues as none other has done, i note and reciprocate those lonely times cast on a dark sea, i stumbled into my 12th house stellium by fate on a beach near to Sagres SW portugal, it was during a discussion with a lady whose live in lorry i was mending, that part of my life came after being released from a 12 year journey/cycle of no small sacrifice.
    as regards my own family connection/gift, i find and always have done to be drawn to any references my mother has made to the “great lady” she knew as her grandmother, i often feel this great lady is playing through me. As you touch upon, we, with these placements are aware that the division between so called reality and dreams is by no means solid or fixed.
    I was fascinated to read an account of demonic visitation whilst following a link from your page, ghost talk, i think.
    It surprises me, given my own experiences that there are people who in seeking to satisfy their curiosity in to the varying types of spirit that feel they must invite and then take on such things, I, as i`m sure you do to, need no “proof” of such things and the concept of “baiting” such entities seems at best madness, or just plain folly, i have been unfortunate enough to have seen the void and heard the bell within it, something that will stay with me for all my life, the utter, utter emptiness, i experienced this in York at a house built on the site where a roman legionnaire had committed suicide, in more recent times i have encountered the jezebel spirit whilst helping a friend in need, this seems to be my calling, to shepherd the weak through the valley of darkness perhaps?
    As 12th house are we guardians of the gate?
    I again thank you for writing something that has brought me a step closer to finding true peace within my own “condition”, that sounds a harsh inditement but i have some idea that you will agree on the sentiment?
    I look forward to reading more of what you have written.
    Best wishes, Nick

    1. Nick, many many thanks. I look forward to hearing from you again re other writings. Would you like a free copy of “Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness” ? Happy to send it to you if you email me.

  3. Hi Anne, It is so true what Nick says, that “we find what we need to find when we need to find it”. My soul cries tears of joy for having stumbled upon your astro.com article today. I am adrift, trying to stay above water & make sense of the crazy ebb and flow of this life. The search led me to you today, as the quest has become more personally urgent of late. (Am scaring my family with this longing for solitude.) I gasped when viewing your natal chart! . . . it is similar to my chart in many aspects! It was actually reassuring to see. . . 12th hs leo, 6 planets claiming domicile there, leo ascendant & pluto on the ascendant. Just want to say “thank you” so very much for your openness and for sharing some much needed positive light for us wandering 12th housers. Maureen

  4. Dear Maureen
    I am so moved and humbled by your comment, and so glad to be of help to you in your 12th House voyage. Feedback like yours makes all my efforts worthwhile…

    1. Many thanks, Fernanda. I really appreciate what you’ve said about my work. I like yours too and when I get home since I am in transit at present, will put your Rss feed on my astrology blog⚡️⚡️

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