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September 2019

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9.1.14 I hope you find this outline/cautionary tale of a writer’s life entertaining. No doubt it will have more than a few resonances for other members of the writing community, whose careers and writing paths have most likely had their own peculiar turns and twists! Your comments/anecdotes are welcome.


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9 thoughts on “On Writing

  1. Sounds fun. Writing is indeed a strange vocation. Personally, I haven’t even had one career incarnation. I tend to keep my incarnations more casual. I suppose I’m just a hobby writer in that my aspirations are more personal. I just write because that is what I do.

    You seem like a very motivated person. As someone who tends towards depressed apathy, I must say that I’m impressed. If I simply manage to gather my thoughts together, I feel successful in my writings. But I wouldn’t mind being published one day.

    Keep on writing the way you do, with the flow of interesting ideas and perspective you have, and I bet you will be! Thanks for visiting and for taking the trouble to read of my career incarnations various. Had someone predicted them all (instead of only one of them ) I would definitely not have believed it. Anne

  2. Hello, Anne, I’ve much enjoyed my lengthy visit to this website. I especially identify with your journey into being a person who seriously commits her life to writing. I’m glad to see a site devoted to writing about subjects like ours.Let’s exchange writings on writing, shall we? Donna Cunningham

    Donna, lovely to hear from you and to know your perusal has been pleasurable! Will be happy to exchange writings with you….Anne

  3. I am in a state of flux. Somethings coming, but I don’t know what. I await it’s imminent arrival with eager anticipation. Writing is my way of passing the time while it gets here.

    1. Having been in a similar state for a very long time, and (hopefully!) just beginning to emerge, here is a quote from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, given to me recently by a wise friend. I hope you like it….

      ‘ Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart. . .
      Try to love the questions themselves. . .
      Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given because you would not be able to live them. . .
      Live the questions now.’

  4. Dear Ms Whittaker,

    Lovely quote above. I AM living the questions right now. It takes more patience than I ever imagined.

    !.) Are you still here? (last post 2011 )

    2.) do you feel like discussing a sun saturn square transit? (mine)

    3.) I love your blogs’ title. I am jealous. I thought that title was my own “private idaho” so to speak 🙂

    4.) I have a 12th house sun conj merc in Capricorn

  5. Hi Tinapitta

    thank you for commenting and for appreciating my blog’s title. It took a long time surfacing (my Mercury/Saturn in the 12th…). And yes, that’s a great quote which I return to when life is not co-operating (ie often!) with my impatient ego….yes, I am still here and have been since 2008. I’m sending you a recent series on the Saturn Cycles http://anne-whitaker.com/2012/02/18/the-cycles-of-saturn-forging-the-diamond-soul-part-1/ in lieu of Sun/Saturn transit conversation. At present I only work with clients/students with whom I meet in person, though that may change…..keep watching this space!

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