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Anne Whitaker
Anne Whitaker
(I loved this comment: ” your photos are very ‘you’. That kind of Scottish, wry, well-lived and come through a hedge backwards yet totally together again kind of look…”from my old friend and former fellow CPA student Sarah Bartlett.

Born and raised in the storm-tossed stark beauty of the Scottish Western Isles where my love for nature, sky and seascapes first arose. Driven always by restless curiosity about why we are here, and what we have to do to feel there is a point to it all.

Diverse work record, mostly vocational but not without its forays into interesting byways, eg the British Merchant Navy whose honourable discharge papers I hold, as well as a university Arts degree, and post-graduate qualifications in education, social work and psychological astrology.

I have always written in one context or another, with published work in newspapers, magazines and journals in the UK and USA in recent years; nearly always taught adult education students in a rich variety of settings; counselled for a long time both in social work and private practice; supervised social work and counselling students; taught and practised as a professional astrologer.

Since 2019 I no longer do horoscope readings, since I am focusing on mentoring student astrologers, offering mentoring support to fellow professional astrologers, teaching a small group of tutorial students – and, of course, writing. You can find details of my articles, essays and columns on astro-wiki.


“Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie” ( illustrated children’s poetry book)

“Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness” (memoir and analysis of thirty years’ intermittent paranormal experiences)


Jupiter Meets Uranus (“…a great introduction to how astrology works at the individual and social level…Armand Diaz)    The first, print edition of this book was published in the USA by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009.

The Moon’s Nodes in Action ( described by Dr Liz Greene as “…a superb thesis…” )

Astrologer at Work


Note: I updated this site in September 2019, and it is now my main astrology site.

However, there is a considerable archive going back to 2008 which you will find at the bottom left sidebar of the Home Page. It is aimed at ‘…those writers and readers who share my preoccupation with questions of meaning, mystery, pattern and purpose…’, so you may well find some articles there to your liking! Do have a browse…

Also – I have left the ‘old’ comments on this page. Just because I like and appreciate them still!


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20 thoughts on “BIOG

  1. Agree a sense of humour essential to almost every life experience good bad or indifferent and may even be the key to why those that survive do so. Never doubted that you were one of the survivors Anne even tho you might have at times – The Diamond Soul must be sparkling – love the page CarolexXx

    Thanks Carole ! x

  2. By email from “J” 2 Dec 08 :

    Wanted to tell you that I love your blog site. Lots of wonderfully interesting information. I’ll be visiting often! J

    from Anne:

    thanks J ! it is so reinforcing to have comments such as yours after my long soujourn in the Underworld !

  3. By email from “Carol” 9 March 09:

    I have now spent some time on your lovely website. What an interesting and useful resource it is. It is much better laid out and imaginative than the websites set up by most individuals.

    from Anne:

    thanks Carol. Great to have such encouraging feedback.

  4. Yes. I love your website, and it appears that we have much in common. I would love to start a dialogue with you about your discoveries in astrology. (First, of course, I plan on reading everything you have posted on the subject, as not to waste your time). Thank you for visiting my website and for the invitation (and opportunity) to discover Writing From the Twelfth House. I will add you to my blog roll and visit often.

  5. Thanks so much for your interest! Feel free to read -and comment!- on the astrological material; there is so much more to this great subject than the Sun Sign columns offer, hence my theme Not the Astrology Column. I will also add you to my blog roll on the More Links page where I give a little info re each site.

  6. Love the new photo, especially the colour co-ordination with the website. Attention to detail at all times.

    I also noticed you’ve been listed on Jude Cowell’s Top Ten astrology blog list – that’s fantastic! I’m so pleased for you, Susan x

    Thanks for dropping by, Susan, and for your kind words. Won’t forget your great support in setting it all up. Anne x

  7. Anne,
    I love your blog. Good insightful information!
    Keep up the good work and keep that level of curiosity high! It is refreshing to see someone with an
    open-minded approach to the world around them.

    Dear True
    it’s for good folk like you – known and unknown, commenters or not, that I write this blog. And my Guests are becoming more frequent! Keep on dropping by, and many thanks for the affirmation. I will check you out too.

  8. by email from Dawn B on 23 November 09:

    I’ve been reading my way through your site. I’m very taken with it, not only with your writing style, which is so fresh, but with the diversity. It’s very impressive.

    from Anne:

    Thanks so much, Dawn. I really appreciate your feedback.

  9. by email from Hugh on 31.1.10:

    Like your website very much. Clear, restrained, yet extensive. A fine case of less is more. So many are
    crammed with images, effects, fancy typefaces etc that
    you miss the message in the decorations.

    Thanks, Hugh – esp since you are a computer specialist!

  10. so glad you passed this link on to me as I have thoroughly enjoyed my evening catching up with all your news and views again – and they were well worth the reading!

    take care love S

    Thanks so much, Sheilagh. See you soon – will email. Anne x

  11. Anne,

    it was a real pleasure to meet you all today at the Atrium. I really enjoyed our chat.
    I think your blogs are really good and thoughtful. You have a new fan and I will back regularly to read more.

    Kind Regards,


  12. Hi Rob

    thanks so much for dropping by! I enjoyed our meeting too – good to have a laugh at my tragic video-clip efforts, as well as exchanging more serious stuff. “Spooky action at a distance” isn’t everyone’s cup of tea!

    I’ll be putting a Subscribe button onto, so you can join up. And if you have any good links which would fit the ethos of MoreBits, do send them to me since I need to start doing that now.

    Thanks for the positive feedback on my efforts. Makes it all worthwhile!

    Best wishes

  13. Hi Anne,

    Continuing to be inspired by your site…and your particular view Astrology. How lucky was I to have you as a teacher? Just wanted to let you know, that all these years ago where you seemed very convinced on my doing Astrological Art, and the need to paint on a large canvas, well it is now all starting to fall into place, and in the most unexpected of ways…
    I still have not managed up to Scotland for a visit, though do intend to give you a shout when I do, and if your able, I still would love to share stories over coffee and cake..or, if you happen to be in London, give me a hoy…
    Kindest Regards
    Charlotte MacTavish

  14. Hi Charlotte

    great to hear from you and thanks for your kind words!
    So pleased to hear about the Astro Art – do send me an email with more details when you have time..

    Anne x

  15. Hi Anne…

    Just finished reading your recent article, and the searching for the big questions as to why we are here. I, like you have, possibly from the moment I was born, been a questioner and a seeker of the big questions of life. Partly infused by being brought up in a wild environment, partly as it is who I am…I wasn’t called “keyhole kate” throughout childhood for nothing, and shall possibly always be a seeker…I have no idea any more than the next person, although I do believe the great dance of life to be that of chance and choice, and within it’s unpredictability lies both it’s beauty, and it’s beast. I guess it’s marvel is it’s mystery, and I am glad it is such, as without that we would have nothing to seek, and I would not be reading the wonderful wisdom you so readily share. Thank you x

  16. Anne, your background is interestingly diverse…I think it wonderful that you are open to the paranormal/metaphysical sides of our existence which many scholars appear to have difficulty accepting. Were you always open to this other side or did you come to accept it based on your own experiences?

    1. Hi Bev

      I grew up in the Western Isles of Scotland in an atmosphere where our Celtic culture was suffused with tales of the Otherworld and the supernatural – I talk about some aspects of this in “Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness”. So – openness to the uncanny was in my blood and environment. Added to that is my own open-minded curiosity about just about everything, coupled with a strongly rational orientation. I am naturally sceptical in the pure sense of the word which unfortunately has been degraded in recent decades to mean dismissive of anything outwith the limited perspectives of reductionism. And then of course, there were my own intermittent, unlooked for, at the time unwelcome – but genuine experiences which did not fit the ‘normal’ frame. Add it all up, and here I am, living in a universe which I know is not only stranger than we suppose, but stranger than we CAN suppose!

      1. Anne, I always give a great cheer when someone with a “strong rational orientation” is introduced to the supernatural/metaphysical worlds. Perhaps it is your mission in this lifetime and your reason for incarnating at this time to learn about these worlds and write about them to educate others.

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