Book Reviews

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2014 :  Weaver – Mentor – Centaur – Stuck – Stringed Instruments – Healing Humor – Shame – Left and Right Brain – Abandonment – Evolution: just a few of the keywords Joyce Mason uses to unlock the doorway to deep, deep wisdom contained within the archetype of the mythical being known as Chiron: half man, half horse – best known in Western popular culture as the Wounded Healer.

Joyce is a healer herself with many strings to her lyre: prolific writer, seasoned astrologer, flower essences practitioner, dreamworker, to name but a few. out of 5 stars An enigmatic winter’s tale: ‘The Prayer’ by Stephan J Myers, 21 Feb 2014…..and you can read a few more of my reviews here at Amazon! : an indispensable reference work from master astrologer Donna Cunningham. always one of my all-time favourites, from wise Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield,  “After the Ecstasy, the Laundry”….


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