Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021

‘Reading Anne Whitaker’s words is like sitting down over coffee with an astrology friend who has thought deeply about questions you might never have imagined. She’ll not only entertain you, she’ll enlighten you too.’ Steven Forrest Anne Whitaker’s latest book ‘Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021…’, an acclaimed collection of 60 essays, articles and columns, is … Continue reading Postcards to the Future: Mercurial Musings 1995-2021

The Moon’s Nodes in Action

‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’ is the research study I wrote to complete my three-year Diploma from the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London. At that time, the Centre’s Director Dr Liz Greene described ‘The Moon’s Nodes in Action’ as “…a superb thesis…” I was of course, delighted to have my work described in those terms. However, as life moved on, … Continue reading The Moon’s Nodes in Action

Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness

Talking publicly about experiences which many people have but few are prepared openly to admit, seems to a natural sceptic like Anne Whitaker to be a useful exercise in showing respect for both the rational dimensions of life and those ‘other’ dimensions which send the reductionists into a lather of (non-rational!) fury. In “Wisps from … Continue reading Wisps from the Dazzling Darkness

Jupiter meets Uranus

“…‘Jupiter Meets Uranus‘ is a great introduction to how astrology works at the individual and social level. Readers without any knowledge of astrology may want to skip past a paragraph or two here and there, but Whitaker’s style is engaging and her explanations are always clear. By taking a relatively small slice of the astrological … Continue reading Jupiter meets Uranus

Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie

“Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie” is a series of eighteen short children’s poems featuring an eccentric, colourful assortment of animal characters: Dorelia the extinct Dodo, Feeble Fred the dozy frog, delightfully dreamy Salome Seahorse, and wellyboot-wearing Tiger Tigbaloo to name but a few – all eighteen drawn together by scary but charismatic Rumbold Raven himself. The … Continue reading Rumbold Raven’s Magic Menagerie