Just let me get old, ok?


Hold that facelift! Some serene thoughts on Mid-Life….




Swimming in a secret sea


Do you really want to live to be a hundred?


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9 thoughts on “Just let me get old, ok?

  1. Anne – I embrace you – again.

    Thank you for this opportunity to glimpse Life thru your eyes, to perceive Life thru your perception, to gain Understanding thru your insight.

    Profoundly scripted. Much to ponder. Much to appreciate. Thank you.

  2. Anne, So glad I found your blog in a roundabout way – which will give me courage as I face my own mid-life phase. Time out to re-direct is precious. Glad you got the chance to do so – even though it was brought on by an avalanche effect. Look forward to more of your inspirations. Siofa

    1. Hi Siofa

      ….and I am so glad that you took the trouble to leave this comment! Thank you. It is rewarding for me to see by the number of visitors to my blog, and by the heartening comments like yours that I receive, that my purpose in setting it up ie to provide support and inspiration, continues to be fulfilled. I know from my own experience when I was feeling very frail and vulnerable, what a heartening difference it made to me to read the testimonies of people who had walked the burning ground and got through, usually much strengthened, changed and re-focused on what they needed most to do and be – and much more able to step aside from people and experiences which were undermining and destructive. I am very much enjoying now the process of re-directing my very different energy in ways which I hope will be useful to my fellow travellers on Life’s often very rocky road! All good wishes as you negotiate your mid-life phase.

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