“Postcards to the Future” Seasonal Special Offer and – ‘Six reasons why I love astrology’

From Karin Hoffman of Astrodienst:

In keeping with the approaching Festive Season, and mindful of the cost of living crisis making it harder especially for younger astrology students to afford book-buying, there’s a special seasonal offer on my recent collection of 60 essays, columns, articles and essays, “Postcards to the Future “, which has collected five star reviews from a wide range of eminent astrologers including Steven Forrest, Frank Clifford, Margaret Cahill of The Wessex Astrologer, Ronnie Grishman Editor Emerita of USA’s much-missed Dell Horoscope Magazine, Victor Olliver of the UK’s Astrological Journal (and ‘Postcards…’ Editor), Christina Rodenbeck of The Oxford Astrologer, and Karin Hoffman of Astrodienst.

The book – both print and Kindle versions – is available on Amazon everywhere. For further details, click HERE:

As the Preface to “Postcards…”, I just had to begin with one of my own favourite pieces, written some years ago for World Astrology Day: Six Reasons Why I Love Astrology” , which has appeared in a number of publications both in print and on line since then. Here is an extract…

( from Sleepwalkers by Arthur Koestler )

‘…I love knowing that the rational, mythical, symbolic and empirical art of astrology has been around for at least six thousand years. Our increasing contemporary awareness of the interconnectedness of all things was well known in antiquity: the ancient maxim “As above, so below” still applies. Astrologers operate on the margins of our fragmenting, reductionist culture. But we represent an unbroken line to a time which in many ways was wiser than ours is now. Being a tiny thread in that weave gives me a deep sense of pride, connectedness and rootedness…’

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Getting into Video: Gen Z nags Pluto in Leo…

Could this be a Gen Z Person? Or is it me in training?

So – never one to neglect good advice, here we go! Do have a browse, there may only be 15 videos here (yet…) but from Ana Isabel and me ranging across topics as varied as Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions(new one coming up next Spring!), Fate, the Moon’s Nodes, Premonitions and Predictions, to me on Astrology and Twins, the so-called Aquarian Age, An Astrologer’s Job Description and more besides, there’s something here to interest everyone. Including open-minded non-astrologers…

Enjoy the browse, subscribe, leave some feedback. All constructive comments welcome!


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Jupiter’s meeting with Uranus: a major astro-event approaches…

My colleague Victor Olliver, well-known astrologer, editor of the UK’s world-renowned The Astrological Journal, and respected author had this to say recently:

The Taurus Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is the major astrological event of 2024 – and Anne Whitaker’s e-book (and blog) Jupiter Meets Uranus is by far the most authoritative guide to its meaning and significance, based on her original research and driven by her customary rigour and straightforward approach. Though the alignment occurs in the latter half of April, it has a longish build up and a longish ‘wake’ whose effects are sure to be clear and measurable in the world. A must-read for a better understanding of astrology and our times.’

And – two weeks ago, my colleague Ana Isabel, master-interviewer of many luminaries from the astrological community including Victor Olliver, Steven Forrest, Chris Mitchell, Darrelyn Gunsburg and Jessica Adams, interviewed me again on the fascinating topic of Cycles. Of course, we had to talk about that extraordinary pairing of Jupiter and Uranus. Here is the interview. Hope you enjoy it!

If you now cannot wait to find out more, you can access and purchase the e-book re-publication of my “Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing study (i) by clicking HERE:


i)  its original publication by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009 has sold out long ago and is no longer available. Its details may still be found – along with its very shouty cover – on Amazon along with one five star review on Amazon UK and another five-star review on Amazon.com. In those distant days, I was not very savvy in either using the Internet or making sure reviews found their way to Amazon. However, you will find a selection of very favourable feedback comments from readers, and some great reviews from fellow astrologers, HERE.)