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I’m happy to hear from you – whether to ask questions, make comments, share ideas, give me feedback on any of the articles, essays and postings.

I’ve also left on some ‘old’ comments from this blog’s previous incarnation. They are so cheering and positive that I simply don’t want to delete them! Call me sentimental, or what… 

Please, do feel free to add your comments in response to this blog – as long as they are constructive, I’d be happy to have them.

If you want to contact me privately, then email me at:




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  1. Hello Anne,

    Just to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your website – content great and layout very user friendly. I hadn’t read the short story about growing up before – a very telling piece in such a few words.

    love, Jane

    Thanks, my old friend! x

  2. Hi Anne love your website hope to read much more of your writing. Layout is interesting.Find it thought provoking. Well done!

    Thanks Diane – do keep dropping by….Anne

  3. email from Juliet Sharman-Burke, Centre for Psychological Astrology, London,Nov 08:

    “Well done on your marvellous website.
    I had a look at it and am very impressed indeed. You really are a cyber babe and I, a dyed in the wool dinosaur, am full of admiration!
    I hope it goes really well.”

    Thanks Juliet! If I can become a cyber-babe, there’s hope for everybody….

  4. Hi Anne,

    My, what a great website I stumbled upon. Well done to you. I am now living in London Anne, still writing, still plugging away with astrology, as well as many other creative projects keeping me busy. Life has taken many twists and turns as you so rightly said it would. It would be great to hear from you.

    Much love
    Charlotte x

  5. Hi Charlotte!You never cease to surprise me – the only person I know with more career twists than me…thanks for your kind words re the site – it’s been great fun setting it up, running it and seeing it grow…will email you. A x

  6. Hi Anne, your website has a lovely feel and look to it, I’ll look forward to reading more of it. With love, Cas x

    1. Cas, how lovely to hear from you! It was great to see you recently – amazing things, railway stations…let’s keep in touch. Thanks for your kind comments – much appreciated. Love Anne x

  7. 30.7.09 from “Norma” by email:
    I have enjoyed reading your website and have found it really uplifting. In between fits of laughter from the friends who hadn’t heard of the “Seven Dwarfs of Menopause” either, I have enjoyed some of your quotations and references to books….

    Thanks Norma! It’s very rewarding getting such
    good feedback from appreciative folk like yourself re my website –
    uplifting and inspiring is the idea! Do keep visiting. Anne

  8. Hi Anne!

    My whirlwind visit to Scotland ended abruptly and I am now writing from Barcelona, where I´ve decided to settle.

    I finally have time to really sit down and read your website, and have been doing so since I got back from walking the dog this morning! Here I am, back in my magenta pink fluffy dressing gown, dog curled up at my feet, a hot cup of herbal tea, feeling entirely renewed and uplifted by your writings.

    You are an inspiration Anne.

    I´m back on the Psychological Astrology course here in Barcelona and trying my best to learn as much as possible. Unfortunately, the people holding the course are enthusiastic and well informed amateurs but don´t have any experience or an affinity for teaching….oh, and it´s in Spanish! So in the end, instead of becoming a German Psychologist as I claimed when I was 16, I may very well become a Spanish Astrologer!

    Thanks for sharing and congratulations on all of this amazing work Anne!

    Love Julie

    1. Hi Julie

      what an uplifting comment from you to start my week! Thanks so much, Julie. You certainly don’t let the grass grow under your feet….You should contact Juliet Sharman-Burke, the administrator of the Centre for Psychological Astrology in London where I did my Diploma. They are going on-line soon and it’s a great course to do. As well as being in English! I can see you becoming a bi-lingual psychological astrologer….

      Love Anne (we’ll keep in touch via email – and I may even be visiting Barcelona this Autumn.)

  9. 21.4. from “Anna M” by email:

    thank you so much for your intelligent, interesting blog.

    Anna, thank YOU for taking the trouble to give me this feedback. Much appreciated!

  10. 3.5. from “Rachel W” by email:

    I’ve just found your blog today, and I found it very interesting and thought provoking. I was happy to see that I could subscribe to the blog & I am looking forward to receiving your updates.

    Rachel, thanks for signing up. I hope to continue provoking your thoughts!

  11. 3.6.10 from”L.B” by email:

    I very much enjoy the mystical/spiritual nature of your writings. Everything you share is shared through the eyes of a poet.

    Thanks so much for this comment,L.B. I really appreciate it.

  12. Hi Anne, Found your blog today. Astrology is always interesting but psychological astrology is even more so. Best wishes – Rebecca

  13. Hi Rebecca

    lovely to hear from you in this context! Do have a browse around – there is a range of themes you would probably be interested in as well as psychological astrol….

  14. Thanks Anne. I will. Its a good site for those interested in astrology like me to browse around. Will keep dropping by. Best wishes, Rebecca

  15. Hi Harry

    your email arrived just as I was dragging myself out of the post-Festive slough, and really cheered up a day full of have-tos! Thank you so much – keep dropping by.

  16. I am trying to find the sworn-in-time and place of Late King Hussein of Jordan. The sworn-in-date is known as 1953.05.02. Can anyone help me. Regards. Rohan

  17. Hi Anne,
    Just stumbled upon your site, and was pleased to read about another strongly 12th house person… I have a stellium in the 12th house in Capricorn (Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune) and also have the sun in Pisces. I can completely relate to your story and your curiosity about WHY!?! because I feel like I ask that question multiple times a day. I am studying astrology (particularly depth/psychological astrology) and will definitely check back here. Thank you for your brilliant insights!
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Katy

      your comment came in on a day when I am lying in bed feeling sorry for myself with a horrible fluey cold, my first for 2.5 years and boy is it a beaut! So your positive comments are most welcome. On days like this I long for a simpler life where I lie and ponder on the price of cabbages rather than the meaning of life, but no such luck for us 12th House types….all good wishes with your studies. I hope you are immersing yourself in the works of Liz Greene! And do keep dropping by.

    1. I’m planning to return to astrology practice after Easter 2011 by which time I’ll have completed my first year at Edinburgh University where I am doing a Masters in Counselling Studies – have to sort out various practicalities ie insurance, supervision, learning how to press the Record button on my new computer, etc etc. Not sure yet if I want to do any work which is not face to face, eg via Skype, and will have to think about that. If you send me an email, I will let you know what I’m going to be doing. Best wishes and thanks for being so affirming! Much appreciated. Anne

  18. Hi Anne – long time no speak! I enjoyed browsing your site – it brought back fond memories of your classes and the others who enthused with me…….25+ years ago!

  19. Here are some more CONTACT comments left on a page I’ve just closed down:

    August 17, 2009 at 3:59 pm – from ‘Anastazia’:

    Hi there Anne
    Just can’t seem to get enough of your website. It’s facinating. I go on for 5 minutes and I’m on my second cup of coffee by the time I sign off.

    Thanks Anastazia! Have the third cup of coffee on me….Anne

    Diane Scott said
    January 4, 2011 at 2:33 pm e
    Love your writings anne brings comfort and magic to the soul as well as beauty Happy new year

    annewhitaker said
    January 4, 2011 at 2:58 pm e
    Thank you Diane. Comments like this make all the effort worth while!
    Happy New Year to you too x

  20. ….from Caroline T, by email, 5 November 2012…

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. There is a magical, lilting quality to your writing that drew me in to the extent that, although I had only intended to read one or two entries, I went on to read many more and it was only my off-spring needing fed that finally distracted me.

  21. Dear Anne
    Just Finished listening to you and Christina on recorded zoom talk June 14 . I loved your Expansiveness with those big timespan cycles.your optimism Clarity and your deep wisdom . Thank you .

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