Favourite Quotes

I have always loved quotes and some of them have continued to inspire me throughout my life.

Below is the first quote –

to be included in what I hope will be an uplifting, stimulating and at times thought-provoking collection :

“….in this journey of the spirit, I and others still walk that steep uphill road….And all our religious edifices, which serve first as staffs to help us on our way, in the end become crutches which we must discard….And the doctrines which we espouse and which we hold dear are only smooth shining stones which we pick up on the road and place in our baggage. With each new dogma and doctrine, the baggage grows heavier, until we discard these pebbles, one by one, leaving them on the roadside for others to find and carry a little further. And in the end we have need of neither doctrine nor creed, nor to name that which we worship – for it is beyond all image and words….”

(pp 120-121 Women in Search of the Sacred by Anne Bancroft (Penguin Arkana 1996)


Subsequent quotes will be posted on this site  from September 2008 onwards.

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3 thoughts on “Favourite Quotes

  1. Tis Saturn’s heat and pressure in the polishing of the diamond soul I keep thinking of in life – passed on by your good self CarolexXx

    Yes, well, there’s been quite a lot of polishing going on at my end, recently!! Good to hear from you. A x

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