February 2014

This month it has been my pleasure to present the “Carole Bone Season” ! Emerging Scottish poet Carole Bone has appeared as a Guest on my blog in previous years. Here she is again, talking about her relationship with poetry, showcasing two of her poems, and finally reading six of her poems at a recent Oxfam Bookshop, Byres Road, Glasgow, poetry reading.


NOTE: My contributors are free to write what they like as long as it fits the ethos of the site – pretty clear from the About Page!– and falls within the theme categories that I have been using. Regular readers will have gathered how important humour is to me: I have fallen back on its survival–enabling properties on innumerable occasions in my life, and feel that even the most profound, serious topics can usually benefit from humour’s leavening. So you can expect that tone from contributors to this slot.

The intention is for guest contributions to be an intermittent, rather than a regular feature. If you would like to submit a Guest post to my blog, please email me with your site’s URL, your topic, and a brief summary of your idea, a short bio and a thumbnail photo.

NB: 800 words max for any post! 

Please feel free also to leave your comments at the end of any of the Guest articles. It will always be possible to make contact with my guests via either their websites or email addresses.

Finally, if  you have any objection to anything guests may say, compliments to pay them, or wish to pursue further the topics they have raised, do take that up with them rather than with me.


To read some interesting and very varied Guest posts from 2009-11, click  HERE



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