Jupiter Meets Uranus 2024

Click HERE to find everything I’ve written on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions of 2010/11, 2010/11 – and my brief intro to the 2024 meeting shaping up…

My colleague Victor Olliver, well-known astrologer, editor of the UK’s world-renowned The Astrological Journal, and respected author had this to say recently:

The Taurus Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is the major astrological event of 2024 – and Anne Whitaker’s e-book (and blog) Jupiter Meets Uranus is by far the most authoritative guide to its meaning and significance, based on her original research and driven by her customary rigour and straightforward approach. Though the alignment occurs in the latter half of April, it has a longish build up and a longish ‘wake’ whose effects are sure to be clear and measurable in the world. A must-read for a better understanding of astrology and our times.

You can access and purchase the e-book re-publication of my “Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing study by clicking HERE:

A range of Jupiter/Uranus 2024 astro-views from my colleagues:

From eminent Australian astrologer, teacher and writer, Brian Clark:

From renowned international teacher and writer Steven Forrest’s Forrest Astrology School, two unmissable webinars:



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