The links on this page are more miscellaneous: friends’ and colleagues’ websites and blogs, other writers whose sites and/or whose writing I especially like, quotes sites, jokes sites – anything that takes my fancy and which might interest you too.

The links here will start with a few and develop slowly. So do keep checking out the page!

Friends and Colleagues

Biblocafe – 262 Woodlands Road,Glasgow G3

– run by the redoubtable Louisa Munday, a unique local cafe, bookshop and superb writers’ hideyhole – free WiFI and first class provender.


– of slings, arrows, and chicken rearing from an episcopalian original

Susan Elena

– choreographer, dancer, film maker, website builder, and other things!

Ian Holland

– therapeutic massage practitioner and teacher

Willie Miller

– urban design Glasgow UK

Paul F Newman

– astrologer, astrology teacher, writer and cartoonist

Dave Thompson

– urban design – an alternative perspective!

Material/spiritual worlds

Triodos Bank (UK)

– ethical bank which offers savings accounts and investments. Finances only projects with social and environmental benefits.

The Interfaith Seminary, UK

– training open-hearted men and women in an inclusive global spirituality, to serve people from all faiths or none.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

– a vibrant, open, inclusive episcopalian community

– whilst creating a link for the Nora Gallagher quote ‘On Faith‘ , I came across this beautiful site – it offers ” spiritual guidance for anyone seeking a path to God– check it out!

Promoting good health

What Really Works

– a complementary health site ‘dedicated to helping people make their own fully informed health and lifestyle choices’.

Willow Trading Glasgow UK

– a favourite haunt of mine ! Great range of quality skin products including Burt’s Bees and Barefoot Botanicals, wide range of nurturing therapies, brilliant cards, friendly helpful staff….go visit them!

– this pioneering site was set up by Dr. Pat Harris, who describes it as follows: “astrology can increase your chances of a successful conception. University based research into astrology and fertility by Dr. Pat A. Harris explains the link”. Check it out! 

Quality Astrology Sites

Astrology Blogger Directory a

ASTROLOGY :: the art of awareness – Lauren Lesko’s Astrology Blog

– beautiful art, elegant in-depth psychological astrology

Celestial Space – Dipali Desai’s Astrology Blog

spiritual teacher/facilitator, astrologer, and author

Julie Demboski’s Astrology

– an ongoing discussion on using astrology as an effective guide in daily life

Lua Astrology: Navigation by the Stars

– with astrologer, writer and dreamwalker Leah Whitehorse

Stars Over Washington – Jude Cowell’s Astrology Blog

– wide ranging USA topical blog by amazingly prolific, mercurial astrologer


– get your site listed in the top fifty astrology sites

Writers’ sites – emphasis on quality and originality

My Inconvenient Body : Elisha Webster Emerson’s site, emphasising that ‘When it comes to learning more about your particular art, your area of interest, it is decent to remember that everything is everywhere–and all things interconnect.’ ‘….I enjoy dance. I enjoy watching bodies metamorphose into instruments of art, language, beauty and meaning. I enjoy watching the ordinary transformed and transposed by the extraordinary….’ (12.4.09)

The Task at Hand: Linda Leinen’s site, dedicated to ‘A new writer’s struggle to find the right words….’

‘…. I remember the words of a favorite artist, Georgia O’Keefe.  Quoted in Joan Didion’s White Album, she says, “Where I was born and where and how I have lived is unimportant…  It is what I have done with where I have been that should be of interest”.…’(12.4.09)

Writers’ Web Resources

Offers editorial advice to first time writers, and help with literary agents where work is of the required standard. Also free advice, online community & more.


and ….a few to try from Mslexia magazine’s terrific 2009 writer’s diary….

– inspiration, ideas and tips for writers – a brilliant resource!

– the perfect site for writers in need of inspiration – don’t miss the monthly blog carnival allowing you to showcase your work!!

– a place to post your poetry, short stories, nonfiction….allows editors to ‘cherry-pick’ and highlight certain pieces of work as must-reads

– advice on grammar, vocabulary and punctuation plus sections on fiction, business and freelance writing. Design, writing and marketing tips for bloggers too.


This site is “a growing collection of ‘how to’ wordpress instructional posts, blogging tips, and links to blogging tools and other resources” Recommended!

more to follow….

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  1. My writings are rather informal and my site is far from looking professional. Do these directories normally accept weblogs?

    I personally consider my writings to be quality reading material. I like to think that my philosophizing is fairly intelligent and original, but maybe these site directories are focused on something other just the value of the writer’s thinking and writing skills. Is there something that I could do to my blog to make it more appealing to those who decide such matters?

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