Planetary Cycles…our wise guides as Life unfolds. Part One…

Part One: Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes

An example: the Jupiter Cycle
Think for a moment about your life pattern: most of us begin secondary or high school between the ages of 11-12. The essence of this stage is that of opening up to a bigger, more challenging life. Hopefully as we are exposed to a broader subject range and more in-depth study, we begin to see more options appear, with new possibilities. Maybe we experience our first trip abroad, learn a new language, develop new passions (in more ways than one!). Or we may relocate with our family, eg if one parent takes on a new post in another country.
Astrologers view this 11-12 age in symbolic terms as the first Jupiter Return. Astronomically, if you were born eg when the planet Jupiter was at 19 Taurus of the 360 degrees circle of the Sun’s path through the heavens as viewed from Earth, (where it is now, on 20.7.23)  it will return to that position every 11.6 years throughout your life: 11-12, 23-4, 35-6, 47-8, 59-60 and so on. 
Core meanings, new possibilities
Each time, the core meaning is the same, as new possibilities of one kind or another open up, taking your life further along the path of discovery and learning. Jupiter’s symbolic action works in this way in essence for us all, although there are many branches of possible manifestation arising from the Jupiterian core. 
Each person’s horoscope offers a different ‘take’on the core principles or characters of each of the planets occupying Life’s stage as revealed by a horoscope or birth chart drawn up for the date, place, and all-important exact time of birth. 
Working creatively with Cycles, Fate and free will 
A competent and experienced astrologer can be very useful in helping you via examination of the planetary symbols and other features in your horoscope, to understand yourself and your world more clearly. S/He can also, by examining the unfolding patterns of your life via the planetary cycles, look backwards into the past, examine the present, and give you some idea of the essence of what is coming up next.  This can help you to understand your past, live more realistically in the present, and ‘set your sails to the prevailing wind’ as a new cycle takes shape and unfolds over the next few years. 
Through this interaction both you and the astrologer are ideally working creatively with the balance of  Fate (eg your Jupiter cycles will  always begin with Jupiter in Taurus if your birth date is 20.7.23)  and free will or agency depending on your particular life circumstances, the degree of self-awareness you have, and the choices you make. 
Thus, knowledge of the core meanings of each of the planets, and how their cycles unfold as Time passes, can be very useful even to those of you who have an open-minded interest in astrology without necessarily knowing very much about it. 
Talking Cycles with Ana Isabel : Part One
Ana and I have now had several enjoyable conversations on a variety of astrological topics including Anaretic Degrees, Fate and Neptune; Ghosts, Spirits, Impressions and Predictions; and Astrology’s Dragons (the Moon’s Nodes) in the last year or so. 

Last week, we embarked on a conversation about one of my favourite astrological topics, the cycles of the planets. Exploring our work with students, clients, and examples from our own lives, we touched on the 11-12 year cycles of Jupiter (as per the example offered earlier in this post) , the 29-30 year cycles of Saturn, that planetary taskmaster who challenges us to shed our illusions, take responsibility for the reality of who we actually are, and grow up. We also touched on the 18-19 year cycle of the Moon’s Nodes, whose South Node point shows us where we have come from, and the North Node which guides us, like a constant Northern Star, in the direction our soul needs to go in this life.

Enjoy listening, do leave a comment to let us know what you think or share your own experiences…

We will be returning for Part Two before long, discussing and exploring more cycles including the fascinating 50 year return cycle of Chiron, the Wounded Healer as he is commonly known. Watch this space!

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The Ever-Fascinating Moon’s Nodes

Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychological Astrologer Ana Isabel has interviewed a number of well-known astrologers on her brilliant Lightways podcast, including Christina Rodenbeck, Victor Olliver, Alex Trenoweth, most recently Steven Forrest – and here is my second interview with Ana which we did on 18th October 2022. ( You can listen to the first one HERE )

Ana had just read through my newly completed study, not yet submitted for publication, centred round the lives of four volunteers and their striking experiences during the 2020-2022 transit of the Moon’s Nodes through the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius and how that related to their natal Nodes. However, our conversation ranged widely from the Ancients’ powerful relationship with the night sky, to the Nodal links between Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein and Greta Thunberg, climate change campaigner, to the sense of the numinous we both had felt at times during our own Nodal transits. It also gave me a chance to mention my earlier in-depth study The Moon’s Nodes in Action – and to read one or two relevant extracts. And – as before – we managed to fit in a few laughs…

Mercurial Musings: on Fate, Neptune Transits, Teaching Astrology, and more…with Ana Isabel…

Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychological Astrologer Ana Isabel has interviewed a number of well-known astrologers on her brilliant Lightways podcast, including Christina Rodenbeck, Victor Olliver, Alex Trenoweth, most recently Steven Forrest – and here is my interview with Ana which we did on 12 July. I am still amazed at how much she got out of me!! (I’m a Mercury conjunct Saturn/Pluto person, not known for giving away much…)

So – grab a coffee, (or something stronger!) kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and have a listen. We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope you do too!

And – Leo New Moon blessings!!

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