‘Saturn Returns’, a narrative feature film, is shooting in June 2014!

I had the pleasure yesterday of being contacted by writer/director Shawn Tolleson regarding an exciting new film project, shooting this summer. I’m always happy to support new, quality creative ventures – especially this one, featuring an important facet of astrological symbolism. Enjoy reading the production team’s description below of what looks to be an interesting and unusual film. And please, share information about it, support it, any way you can….

Few films have astrology as a theme, fewer films treat astrology respectfully. Writer/Director Shawn Tolleson does both in Saturn Returns.  

(The range featured here is the Minarets,one of the ranges in the Eastern Sierras)

‘Saturn Returns’a narrative feature film, is shooting in June 2014!  

The film is the story of 5 college friends on the cusp of 30 who reunite for a wedding of two of their own in Mammoth Lakes, California.  On the day before the wedding, the missing sixth friend of their group (also the long lost best friend of the groom and ex-boyfriend of the bride) shows up uninvited.  This turn of events forces everyone to reconsider their lives and choices. 

All of the characters are in the heart of their Saturn Return, the time at 29.5 years when the planet Saturn “returns” to the place it was in the sky at one’s birth.  We all have a Saturn Return when we are turning 30, turning 60, turning 90.  This is the time when we typically wrestle with the big life choices— career, life partner and life purpose.   

The film utilizes the Saturn Return as a theme, and one of the characters is an astrology buff who brings that point of view into the story.  The film also will make use of the gorgeous setting of the Eastern Sierras and Mammoth Lakes, California.  The area was the subject of many of Ansel Adams’ most famous photographs.  The night sky will be prominently featured through timelapse photography by renowned photographer Tony Rowell.   

The film stars Sarah Drew of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, Eric Ladin of ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Mad Men’, and Erin Cahill of ‘Red Widow’ and ‘Sleepy Hollow’.

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