Support for all women whose male partners have the SAF gene

 It is now February, thank goodness, and I have decided to cheer myself and 50% of my Followers up by publishing (with her permission) my correspondence with a female friend last year. When you get to the end of the post, I will reveal to you all what the SAF gene is – then go and duck behind our hedge from the other 50%, for reasons which will be obvious by then!

Constructive engagement with doctor....
Constructive engagement with doctor….

 From me to Lizzie  

Hi Lizzie

Ian (my husband) was out by 1530 on the day of the (knee) op on Wednesday, and after a rough 36 hours is better today and already walking better than before. Various friends have offered to sit on him on a rota basis… is very trying, getting him to lie down to anything. Maybe you have a sensible husband when it comes to health matters….if so, you are in a very small minority, believe me.

Thanks so much for your concern. Everyone has been so kind.



From Lizzie to me later that day….

Hi Anne,

well that is a relief – the worst bit is over and the trying bit is now to come – my husband is exactly the same. I don’t think many men are good at staying still but you will have to take his sticks away!

My aunt (in Holland) told me an amazing (true) story about wifely control – she (aunt) was on a bus and the lady next to her offered her some sweets in a brown paper bag. Aunt looked in the bag to choose a sweet and saw a pair of false teeth among the sweets.

“Don’t worry about those” says the woman “ They are my husband’s but I make him take them out when I go shopping because otherwise he will eat all the meat in the fridge while I am out!”

So taking Ian’s sticks or shoes or trousers or something so he remains confined to bed or chair can’t be worse than that!!!

Anyway, hope his recovery will be steady and good!



….and the SAF gene? Friend Lizzie was visiting her chiropractor, and complained to him about her new son-in-law. ‘He runs himself ragged’, she sighed. ‘he just doesn’t rest or look after himself properly.’

‘Well’, said the young male chiropractor gravely, with a totally straight face. ‘Sounds as if he has that SAF gene which has been identified in the DNA of a surprising number of men.’

‘What’s that?’ asked Lizzie.

‘The Silly As Fuck gene’, he replied.

I’m still laughing about it, as I hide behind the hedge…..

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