Jupiter’s meeting with Uranus: a major astro-event approaches…

My colleague Victor Olliver, well-known astrologer, editor of the UK’s world-renowned The Astrological Journal, and respected author had this to say recently:

The Taurus Jupiter/Uranus conjunction is the major astrological event of 2024 – and Anne Whitaker’s e-book (and blog) Jupiter Meets Uranus is by far the most authoritative guide to its meaning and significance, based on her original research and driven by her customary rigour and straightforward approach. Though the alignment occurs in the latter half of April, it has a longish build up and a longish ‘wake’ whose effects are sure to be clear and measurable in the world. A must-read for a better understanding of astrology and our times.’

And – two weeks ago, my colleague Ana Isabel, master-interviewer of many luminaries from the astrological community including Victor Olliver, Steven Forrest, Chris Mitchell, Darrelyn Gunsburg and Jessica Adams, interviewed me again on the fascinating topic of Cycles. Of course, we had to talk about that extraordinary pairing of Jupiter and Uranus. Here is the interview. Hope you enjoy it!

If you now cannot wait to find out more, you can access and purchase the e-book re-publication of my “Jupiter Meets Uranus: From Erotic Bathing to Star Gazing study (i) by clicking HERE:


i)  its original publication by the American Federation of Astrologers in 2009 has sold out long ago and is no longer available. Its details may still be found – along with its very shouty cover – on Amazon along with one five star review on Amazon UK and another five-star review on Amazon.com. In those distant days, I was not very savvy in either using the Internet or making sure reviews found their way to Amazon. However, you will find a selection of very favourable feedback comments from readers, and some great reviews from fellow astrologers, HERE.)