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Jupiter met Uranus 8.6.10. We’re still here……

…. a fresh Jupiter/Uranus 14-year cycle has just begun…..

AND – a new astrology study is about to commence (the sequel to the one I did in 1997), with a brilliant new group of volunteer researchers joining me to share their experiences over the next year.

But first, let me set a sensible context (astrologers? sensible? It is possible…) by quoting from one of the articles I wrote and published on this site in the run-up to the Great Event of 8.6.10 : (18.5.10: Jupiter meets Uranus, sky falls in: Yes,no….or merely maybe?)

“……It is an ancient human tendency to imagine that the end of the world or civilisation as we know it is just around the corner. Maybe it is – or maybe not. We don’t really KNOW what the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and its attendant pattern will bring. It certainly represents a perfect backdrop onto which to project our burgeoning collective anxieties about the deteriorating condition of our culture and of our planet.  But human life has always been turbulent, dangerous and often fatal, regardless of where the planets happen to be. So can we all calm down and just get on with life?

I trust that those few moderating paragraphs will have at least temporarily helped to reduce your blood pressure, and injected a rather needed note of  philosophical detachment into your contemplation of the Summer of 2010……”

We also need to remember that, with any planetary cycle, the first time the two planets meet, as Jupiter and Uranus famously did on Tuesday, is just the beginning.

To read the rest of this article, click HERE

(Please NOTE: this is the last Jupiter/Uranus article to appear on “Writing from the Twelfth House”. There is a new series running, following the ups and downs of the first year of the new 14-year Jupiter/Uranus cycle and the fortunes of a bold band of researchees, on my popular “Jupiter meets Uranus” site. See you there!)


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Jupiter meets Uranus 8.6.10 : oh no, not MORE research….

I have in recent days committed myself (am I mad or what?!!) to doing a follow-up study from the one  I did on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of February 1997 “Jupiter meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing. (UK buyers, click HERE ) Have you got your copy yet?

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

I am approaching my quota of 20 volunteers who are “plugged-in” to the late mutable/early cardinal energy of  the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries, and will be sending me their feedback on how it was for them as the observational year (March 2010 – February 2011) unfolds. It is fantastic that they are prepared to do this – and I will be treating their feedback with appropriate care and confidentiality, as I did the 17 participants in the previous 1997 research. So – keep watching this space to see a research study being invented before your eyes!

And there are still a few more places for volunteers with planets/Angles/ Moon’s Nodes in late mutable/early cardinal signs. Just leave a comment and I will contact you.

I have acquired some interesting and lively commentators, most recently Shana – of  http://www.shanatinglipton.com/blog/. In response to a comment of hers, I have written a short piece on some contemporary events for my Jupiter meets Uranus site, which I thought I’d share with the many readers of this site – in the spirit of “here it is – as it happens.”

To read  the rest of that post, click HERE

Jupiter meets Uranus

Jupiter meets Uranus

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Jupiter/Uranus in Aries June 2010: the wild ride begins!

As  we nervously await the impact of the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus/Saturn/Pluto energy field, I think we could do well to adopt the attitude evinced by research participant ‘Sherry’ to me in her recent comment:

“….I am looking forward to the upcoming transit and wondering what surprises are in store for me this year….. I am hoping for the best but prepared for a bumpy ride….”

(What follows is an extract: to read the full version of this article, third in the “Back to the Future” series on the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions of 2010/11, click HERE)

Astrological knowledge is indeed double-edged: I have discussed this duality in previous articles, which have generated considerable interest and provided me with a new ‘generation’ of 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus researchees, following on my study of the lives of 17 subjects during the 1997 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius. But I feel it is more helpful than otherwise to have some advance warning of our movement into, and through, a tempestuous energy field which promises disruption collectively and individually – but also open us up to possibilities for growth as yet unknown….we need to be humble in the face of these great forces, recognising that there is only so much we can do to prepare for them.

Uranus moves into Aries on 28th May 2010.

The Jupiter/Uranus in Aries ‘touchpaper’ of 8 June 2010 sets off the complex, resistant but explosive firework of  the Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto energy field, with peaks in June and July 2010 as the inner planets move through, creating a Grand Cross pattern. The lunar eclipse late in June at 5 degrees Capricorn, and Mars late in July crossing 0 Libra, powerfully trigger off the conjunction point again:


 8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries - set on the Natural Zodiac

8.6.10 Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries - set on the Natural Zodiac


It is probably a fair assumption to make that inner tensions are going to be high for us researchees, as the demands of the old order versus the new battle it out at an inner level, and at an outer level as far as our life circumstances and relationships with others are concerned. I see the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction as the catalyst in the overall pattern, for breaking down resistance to change and releasing flows of entirely new energy.

It is also vital to remember that we are each tiny sparks in the overall light of our solar system. So  – “as above, so below”. We can learn a great deal about what to expect personally by observing the turbulence of the world around us geographically, politically, socially, spiritually and scientifically, realising that we researchees will be manifesting tiny surges of that same overall energy field.

We can see this already. A small personal example will suffice. Ian and I have Mars at 1.5 Cancer/2.5 Capricorn respectively. When the Icelandic volcano erupted – fire surging through ice! – we were two of the many thousands of air travellers sitting at home gazing mournfully at our luggage instead of flying off on holiday. On 15th April 2010 we were under the impression we were flying to Devon, England, UK. On 17th April 2010, we set out in the opposite direction by car to the island of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides.

This total change of goal was not accomplished without a great deal of disappointment, stress, tension and anger (Aries….). But in the end we let go of all that, and had a really good, refreshing time in a place of great spiritual peace (Pisces….) And drank some very nice wine!

So – watch your anger levels, try not to take it out on those around you (also my advice to myself!), realise that certain circumstances are going to arise which will be outwith your control. Adapt – fast. Get used to feeling dazed and somewhat shocked. Try to free yourself from bonds you know are destructive – if you don’t, life is liable to provide that impetus from the left field….


For my 1997 research, I set a tight observational orb of 4 -7 degrees  Aquarius (the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction fell at 5 deg 55 mins Aquarius) – only taking on researchees who had relevant planets, Angles or Nodes between 4-7 degrees, and only noting world events during times when Jupiter, Uranus, Mars, Saturn, Pluto – and, between early April 1999 and January 2002, Neptune – moved through that band. (Read all about it in “Jupiter Meets Uranus”!)

However, informal contacts subsequently with people whose relevant planets etc had been anywhere from 0 deg to 10 deg Aquarius, but who had still had a disruptive and changeful year, suggested to me that I should set a wider observational orb for the 2010/11 conjunctions.

I have done this: starting watching closely from the end of March 2010, when Jupiter was applying 10 degrees away from Uranus (17 and 27 Pisces respectively), I will declare the project closed in mid-March 2011, when Jupiter will be separating from Uranus by 10 degrees (11 and 0 degrees Aries respectively). At that point, I will probably have had more than enough of it all – and want to retire from watching Jupiter/Uranus forever!

I am very much aware that the powerfully disruptive Uranus/Pluto square will  only be getting into its stride by then. But there is a specific quality to Jupiter/Uranus times, which I have already defined in  earlier articles on this topic, which makes the year from March 2010-2011 very much worth watching.

Using this wide orbital range, there have been a string of world events already fitting the Jupiter/Uranus template in combination with Saturn and Pluto since the end of March 2010.


To name a few:

the death of 96 members of the Polish ruling class in a plane crash, political upheavals in Burma, Obama’s Health Bill signed into law, nuclear missiles reduction treaty between Russia and USA,

major Chinese earthquake, Icelandic volcano eruption disrupting world flight traffic at a level never known before, huge undersea oil leak after rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico,

Large Hadron Collider worked this time!, NASA has unveiled stunning images of our Sun from a new satellite designed to predict disruptive solar storms, on 27 April there was an announcement that the biggest ever telescope was going to be built in the Atacama Desert to enable us to see farther into the cosmos than we have ever seen before. Oh yes, and our greatest living scientist UK’s Stephen Hawking is about to present a TV series advising us on how to go about communicating with aliens….in a word, don’t!…

Going by my and Ian’s recent experiences, all you researchees out there have probably begun to have life disruptions of an unforeseen and novel kind. Keep those seatbelts buckled. The wild ride has just begun!

ps don’t forget to keep taking notes, and report in to Ground Control (ie this site) now and then. Good luck!!


Jupiter Meets Uranus
Jupiter Meets Uranus

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To find a series of articles on the Jupiter/Uranus combination, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction of 1997, and reflections on the upcoming 2010/11 Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions in Pisces and Aries, including ” Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog “, click HERE


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The summer of disruption starts here: Jupiter and Uranus team up!

Thursday 15th April, 6.50 am, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

I am lying in bed, groggy with sleep. Our suitcases are packed. The flight for Exeter airport, Devon, UK leaves at 10.30 am. We are due to leave the house for Glasgow airport at 8.45 am. Plenty of time for a cup of tea in bed, gratefully received from my husband, Ian.
“I have some interesting news for you”, he says, exuding Aquarian calm and detachment.
“What?” I ask.
“We’re not going.”
“What!!!” I yell, spilling my tea. “Why not?”

“There’s a very high cloud of volcanic ash heading for Scotland from yesterday’s volcanic eruption in Iceland. It could foul up jet engines. Glasgow airport is shut.”

Friday 16th April,11.50 am, Glasgow, Scotland, UK.

As I write today, all UK airports are closed except for very few flights going to places the ash has passed over – eg the Outer Hebrides off Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Canada. There is chaos and disruption spreading across the world: Heathrow airport, London and Glasgow airport, Scotland are two major UK hubs for international flight transits.

We do not know how long the volcano will continue to spew out fiery molten rock and ash from hundreds of feet below a glacier in Iceland, which has been hurling amongst other things, “blocks of ice as big as houses”. Hundreds of people from Iceland have been evacuated from their homes – flooding comes next, as the glacier melts.

Explosions, fire and flood: Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Aries/Pisces, anyone?

Volcanic Eruption Iceland April 2010

Volcanic Eruption Iceland April 2010

Astrologers are odd people. I had several simultaneous reactions yesterday as I lay in bed – sipping my tea, shocked, watching dramatic images of fire, belching lava, chaos….

Disappointment – for us, our relatives and friends whom we would now not be seeing for the short visit we had planned. Fellow feeling for thousands of stranded passengers and disrupted lives. Alarm at the thought of the economic fall-out which even a few days of this upheaval could inflict on already creaking world economies. But – awe at the raw power of Nature in putting us humans firmly in our place. And wonder: at the planets’ unfailing ability to mirror “as above, so below”.

Any planetary energy pattern involving Uranus has as its signatures shock, disruption and most of all, unpredictability. New ground is broken (in this case, literally!). As a famous astrologer once observed: “If you can predict it, it isn’t Uranus….” Nevertheless, most of us can’t resist trying, at least in broad brush strokes!

Summer 2009

Jupiter meets Uranus

Jupiter meets Uranus

Last summer, in an article written for the American Federation of Astrologers   AFA Interview: Jupiter, Uranus and the Purple People from Planet Zog as a promotional exercise to publicise my book “Jupiter Meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing”, the editor of the AFA journal asked me for my thoughts on what the upcoming conjunctions of 2010/11 in Aries and Pisces might bring. You can read those in Jupiter conjunct Uranus: a few thoughts on the 2010/11 encounter , which was re-published on my “Jupiter meets Uranus” website on October 31, 2009, in which I commented that ‘Also suggested is fiery eruption disrupting the very fabric of the Earth itself.’

Other astrologers in magazines and across the Web will have made similar comments regarding the upheavals and turbulence politically, economically, socially and personally which we can expect from the unusual and highly dynamic energy pattern involving Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Pluto which is currently shaping up.

Spring and Summer 2010

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

Jupiter meets Uranus - from http://www.cainer.com

I am currently publishing a series of articles on the “Jupiter meets Uranus” website, as the first of three Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions, at 0 degrees Aries (8 June 2010), 28 deg 43’ Pisces (19 September 10) and 27 deg 02’ Pisces (4 January 2011) begins to form.

Astrologers work with orbs, ie ranges of gradually increasing potency as planetary patterns approach exactitude. I decided to set a wide orb of 10 degrees for observing the effects of the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in which I have a special interest, having written a research study of the 1997 conjunction in Aquarius – which, after a long series of unpredictable disruptions finally got published in April 2009!

At the end of March 2010, Jupiter was at 17 deg Pisces, applying to Uranus at 27 deg. Pisces: just within my observational orb. In early April 2010 we had a severe earthquake in China. This week we have had the major Icelandic event with its attendant chaos.  What next, as the conjunction edges its way to exactitude at 0 deg Aries, on 8th June 2010?

As I say in my research study “Jupiter meets Uranus – from erotic bathing to star gazing”

“….The dynamic fire and air combination of astrological Jupiter combined with Uranus has a particular symbolic function in enabling evolution, which is to see no limits…..”

What limits will we see breached in the coming year, on all fronts?

In the next article which will appear on the “Jupiter meets Uranus” website at the end of April 2010, ie ‘Back to the Future!  series: Part Three’, I will be looking in more detail at the Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn)
backdrop to the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, and reflecting on the 14-year Jupiter/Uranus cycle, with special emphasis on individuals whose horoscopes are ‘plugged in’ to the upcoming series of conjunctions and its attendant ‘big heavies’ – Saturn and Pluto.

I have already had quite a number of volunteers contact me, prepared to tell me their stories as the observational year I have set unfolds (March 2010 to February 2011, after which the 10 degree orb fades out). So check out the site – and join in the excitement!

Changed Plans…

Isle of Iona

Isle of Iona

On Thursday morning early, we thought we were going South to Devon, England, to visit relatives and sun ourselves in that old hippy haven, the historic and scenic town of Totnes. Just over 24 hours later, we are now heading up North to the sacred Isle of Iona, Scotland, on what may turn out to be a spiritual pilgrimage. A 180 degree change of direction, in more ways than one!

Mars, planet of action and boldly-going, is 1.5 degrees of Cancer in my horoscope. Ian’s is almost exactly opposite, at 2.5 degrees of Capricorn. We are both firmly ‘plugged-in’ to the upcoming pattern. Maybe my next bulletin will be from Alpha Centauri. Watch this space….


Jupiter meets Uranus

Jupiter meets Uranus

To buy “Jupiter meets Uranus: from erotic bathing to star gazing“, described in a five-star review by Leah Whitehorse as “a page-turner of the astrology world”, click HERE

UK buyers, click HERE


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Preparing for 2010/11: Prometheus unbound?

Astrology is a double-edged art.

It bestows the inestimably joyful gift of awareness that we are all woven into some vast, meaningful pattern – in which the tiniest of individual threads ( you, me….) is a key part of the weave. It contributes a significant lens to the many through which we limited humans  attempt to expand our vision and comprehension of both the collective and individual patterns of life on this tiny, precious planet of ours.

Astrology can also raise fear and apprehension: it provides very accurate timings so that we can know exactly when certain energy patterns are coming to their peak. But our attempts at predicting precisely how those energies will manifest – both collectively and individually – have ranged historically from considerable accuracy to being way off the mark. As a critic wryly observed not long ago, if astrologers could consistently predict accurately they would all be millionaires by now.

The myth of Prometheus, who stole the gods’ fire in order to use it for humanity’s enlightenment and was savagely punished for his hubris, is a salutary one to contemplate as we think of astrology’s double edge. Fire warms us, lights up the dark, protects us – but it can also burn the hand that bears it. All illuminating knowledge, everything which takes humans a step forward into the light, also casts a dark shadow.

And here we are, as another year and decade begins, contemplating one of the astrological calendar’s most dynamic and exciting cycles. The fourteen-year cycle of Jupiter and Uranus, which last took place at 5-6 degrees of Aquarius in February 1997, is coming to an end. The new one zaps zero degrees Aries with its lightning bolt in June 2010.




And the myth of Prometheus, powerfully connected to the planet Uranus,

becomes once again startlingly relevant.

Now read on….