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This is the latest post from one of my favourite blogs,” Heroes Not Zombies “, which anyone out there interested in healing in the broadest sense will enjoy browsing – there is much to learn, and upon which to reflect….including a review of Rupert Sheldrake‘s latest book “The Science Delusion” which I am currently reading with great pleasure….

Heroes Not Zombies

When you stop to think about it, there’s an awful lot going on inside your brain that’s nothing to do with thinking. Well, when I say nothing to do with thinking, I don’t exactly mean that….after all, everything is connected to everything else in there. What I mean is that conscious thought and reasoning is only a small part of the function of the brain and the mind. Some of that is about sensory and motor function – your brain processes a lot of signals from the sensory nerves and a lot of those signals don’t make it as far as conscious awareness. Your brain also processes a lot of the muscle activity of your body…everything from voluntary movements eg picking up a pencil….to involuntary effects like heart rate and rhythm.

One interesting aspect of what goes on in the mind is emotions – by “mind” I do not mean…

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