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‘The human comedy doesn’t attract me enough. I am not entirely of this world….I am from elsewhere. And it is worth finding this elsewhere beyond the walls. But where is it?’

The pull of elsewhere has dominated my life. As a child, lying tucked up cosy and warm in bed, listening to the wind beyond our walls tearing the world apart, I used to luxuriate in the contrast between in here and out there – and wonder where the Power came from to cause the winds to rage, and the sea to beat endlessly against the coastline of my native island. No doubt my wonder at the waxing and waning of the moon as she sailed the sky at night in her ever-changing rhythm, weaving her way amongst the stars shining in their mysterious patterns in the clear nights of winter, spun a thread deep in my mind and heart, much later to be woven into my passion for the ancient art of astrology.

My ‘real’ life in childhood – eating, sleeping, going to school – was incidental to my inner life which was full of the really interesting questions: why are we alive, where do we go after death, do we live on several planes of existence at once, what is happening in other galaxies, if there are x million Catholics and even more Buddhists and Hindus, how come they are all Wrong and Damned and a few thousand members of the Free Church of Scotland are Right and Saved? These issues, fed by reading, preoccupied me for years.

The Big Why ?
The Big Why ?

It would take me a long time to understand and accept that my obsession with the big “Why?” , from the moment I opened my eyes to the world,  is not the norm for most of humanity. Sensibly, they just want a quiet uncomplicated life.

Apart from my maternal grandfather, a loving and very broad-minded Christian – ‘remember, child: whatever our race, colour or creed we are all God’s children’– nobody knew what went on in my head and heart throughout my entire childhood.

There is no such thing as one biography of a life.

Your perspective changes with the passage of time and the way life’s inevitable challenges are dealt with. You rewrite your own history in your head all the time, mostly without realising it. For example, I never understood the full extent of elsewhere’s pull until my mid-life descent into and return from the Underworld, a period which lasted seven years – undoubtedly the most difficult and the richest time of my whole life. I feel in better relation now to that mysterious elsewhere than I have ever been !

To me, elsewhere is the vast wave of which everything – universe, cosmos, galaxies, planets, Earth, all life forms – is a droplet. We arise from elsewhere, and that is where we return. Call it the quantum vacuum, the Zero Point Field, God, Buddha, Krishna, the Ground of our being, the Source, the One: the name we give it does not matter. I have also learned that elsewhere is not somewhere else.It is here, present, now, everywhere – always.

(headline quote is from Eugene Ionesco:quoted inPhilip Yancey’s “Reaching for the Invisible God” p25)

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7 thoughts on “Experiences of Oneness

  1. To ponder such things is such a pleasure and I do love a good ponder!!! CarolexXx

    Yes, I had noticed! x

  2. “It would take me a long time to understand and accept that my obsession with the big “Why?” , from the moment I opened my eyes to the world, is not the norm for most of humanity. Sensibly, they just want a quiet uncomplicated life.”

    That describes me as well. Sensibly? Why would anyone want to be sensible? 🙂

    Well, because being obsessed with the big “Why?” makes for a richer but much more difficult life – which the majority of people don’t want, as far as I can gather….but some of us – eg you and me – don’t have that choice!!! Anne

  3. I love this post. Its as though you could have written it for me personally. I have always been facinated with the “why” and could never understand how others didn’t have this same thirst for knowledge. I spend time nearly every day thinking about where we were before we were born and where we go after death. My 32-year old daughter died suddenly in October, 2009. I believe with all my heart that she is “everywhere”, a cosmic being who exists in all dimensions. She is here, but she is not here in the sense that I am here.

  4. Dear Sherry

    I am so pleased that this post means something to you….especially if it has brought you some measure of comfort and support for your belief that your daughter is still present, albeit not physically. Thank you for your openness concerning such a wrenching personal experience.

    1. Many thanks, Michelle! Your site suggests a fair bit of 12th House in you, too! Will check you out later when I have some reflective time. It’s just lovely to receive comments like this on my work. Makes it all – especially in January!! – feel worthwhile.

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